Command line help

Have you ever come across a utility that rejects -h command line option?

% fossil -h
fossil: unknown command: -h
fossil: use "help" for more information

Can software figure out that if the only argument given to it is -h, the user is looking for help?

GNU software in particular is an egregious offender:

% wc -h
wc: invalid option -- 'h'
Try 'wc --help' for more information.

Not only is it trivial to accept -h in addition to --help, Unix short options existed before gnu people came up with the concept of long options. Yet, gnu software refuses to recognize the nearly universal short option for help.

Here is what wc -h produces on FreeBSD:

% wc -h
wc: illegal option -- h
usage: wc [-Lclmw] [file ...]

Even though the utility does not understand -h, it offers meaningful help text. Thanks!