Google search and backspace

I configure my browsers to have backspace as the back button, because it is the easiest button to press among popular options.

Google, in its infinite wisdom, decided to take over the keyboard when on search results page. Regardless of whether the search box is selected, most any keyboard input is captured by javascript and sent to the search box. A notable exception is space which functions normally, but backspace is captured.

Thus when I press backspace to navigate back from google search results page this edits the search query instead. Argh.

The take over of keyboard is doubly irritating because I don't ever search for anything from google itself. I search from my browser's search bar. If I wanted to revise my search query, I would have done it in - you guessed it - the browser's search bar. Not in search result page.

To restore sanity to my search experience I wrote a google search proxy. Besides restoring control of the keyboard the google proxy nukes a few other annoying google behaviors like hitting google any time you navigate to a search result.