Writing takes time

I came across hardingush's livejournal blog a few days ago. It was pretty interesting. It was also, apparently, fabricated by Russian law enforcement.

This post is pretty convincing, especially the argument regarding misspelled words. A person does not start to misspell words and then stop all of a sudden.

However, there was another interesting aspect I noticed, and that was the fact that "hardingush" said he read and replied to nearly all messages, which he was receiving via private messages, social networks, etc. Where does he find the time?

It takes me about 1.5 hours to write a not-too-long essay on this site, when I already know what I want to write. 1.5 hours go into typing the text up and phrasing it coherently. More complex essays that involve research, or editing before I consider them ready for publication, take several iteration, with the total time expenditures in several hours. Reading email is a well known detractor from productivity in the workplace, to the point where people try to schedule "email-free time" when they can get work done.

Now imagine you are in the military. How much free time do you have every day?

I have not even gotten into requiring a certain amount of brain function to write. Creative writing when tired does not tend to work very well.

All in all it is pretty strange that someone with a stressful full time job is able to produce well written essays every couple of days.